Tesla introduces more realistic range estimates for Model Y, S, and X vehicles

If there’s one thing electric vehicle companies are known for, it’s exaggerating the official ranges of their EVs. This is something that Tesla has been accused of doing on several occasions – and Musk’s company is believed to be the worst offender of the bunch – this may explain why the automaker recently lowered the range estimates for several models in the US.

Tesla’s online configurator has changed the range estimates for the Model Y Performance trim from 303 miles to 285 miles, a decrease of 37 miles, writes Electrek. The Model Y Long Range has also seen its range drop, from 330 miles to 310 miles. The cheapest version of the Model Y, the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive, keeps its original 260-mile range rating.

Other Teslas have also seen their ranges reduced. The Model X Plaid is down from 333 miles to 326 miles, while the Model S Plaid configuration with the 19-inch wheels is down from 396 miles to 359 miles.

The ranges of Tesla’s Model 3 and Cybertruck remain unchanged. In the case of the latter, the AWD Cybertruck’s 340-mile range has been criticized in light of Musk promising a 500-mile range in 2019. Tesla will likely point to the extra battery pack range extender that supposedly pushes the truck to 470 miles (and takes up around a third of the truck bed).

What’s interesting is that range changes have not appeared on Tesla’s UK or European websites.

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